Flex Bundle Monthly SIM

The UK's Best Mobile Network Coverage

Pebble offers mobile signal in more places than o2, Vodafone, EE or Three and provides coverage that extends to more of the UK's landmass than any other UK network - and that's a fact. Utilizing national roaming Pebble provides mobile network signal from approximately 44,000 masts across the UK - that's more than twice* the amount EE customers receive a signal from and more than three times* the amount o2, Vodafone or Three customers receive a signal from. Nobody can beat our coverage!

Free Roaming in 35 Countries & Great Value International Calls
Worried about roaming charges? Calling or texting home? Don't be. Pebble's the first UK network to have completely abolished roaming charges throughout the whole of the EU - with us, using your phone anywhere in the EU costs exactly the same as does at home in the UK, so no worries! We also offer calls to 60 international destinations at exactly the same rate as you pay for calling the UK.

Reliable, Dependable, High Quality Network - at a true & fair representative price.

Pebble provides a unique, first class service. We provide truly unbeatable network coverage and Premier UK based quality customer care, 24 hours a day (with a promise to answer all calls in under 10 minutes). We're not focused on eye catching headline rates designed to appeal to the "500 minutes for ten pounds" brigade. In reality, those sort of offers just obscure the true cost with huge "out-of-bundle" rates for calling different kinds of numbers etc, or shout about rock-bottom prices that are reflected in poor customer service, unreliable signal or coverage and an all-around inferior service in general. We provide a unique, quality service, offering the UK's widest network coverage connected to our own resilient, reliable network core.

Keeping your number is easy
If you're switching to Pebble from another network and you want to keep your number, once you have received your new SIM card all you need to do is click here and fill in the details.

Getting Started
Joining or switching to Sim Only on Pebble couldn't be easier. All you need to do is choose your perfect flex tariff and order. We'll then send you a brand new Pebble Mobile SIM card. When it arrives, pop it into your phone and turn it on.

Fully flexible Mix-n-Match allowances
Each minute, text message, or megabyte of data simply uses one of your flexible units.

For example, with Pebble Flex 500 you could:
Use 200 mins + 200 txts + 100mb = 500 units.
Use 400 mins + 50 txts + 50mb = 500 units.
Use 500 mins + 0 txts + 0 data = 500 units.
It's completely flexible. Use your allowance, your way!

Choose your SIM Only Flex Plan...
with a capped bill, no long term contract & no credit check required

Pebble Flex 75 £9.99 pm Pebble Flex 150 £14.99 pm Pebble Flex 300 £19.99 pm Pebble Flex 500 £24.99 pmPebble Flex 1000 £34.99pm

Your flex tariff provides a fully flexible monthly allowance, that you can use for calls, texts and internet from anywhere in the UK & EU.

The name of the plan reflects the number of flexible units that are included within the plan. For example, Flex 100 comes with... you guessed it, 100 flexible units.

Calls, texts and internet usage within the UK & EU to UK numbers* & 60 select international destinations use one unit per minute, or per text, or per megabyte of data.

Make sure you choose a tariff with a big enough monthly allowance as we automatically cap your bill at your monthly price plan amount. This means that once you've used your inclusive allowance, we'll stop your usage to prevent you incurring any additional charges. This way, you know exactly how much your bill will be each month. Don't worry too much though - as we'll send you a text to let you know if you are getting close to using up your allowance - you can always upgrade to a plan with more allowances should you need to.

*Calls to certain high rate numbers, those generally rated as costing over 50p per minute and starting 118, 09 and 070 are automatically barred and cannot be called using Pebble Mobile.

Full terms & conditions apply.