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Best Mobile Coverage

Flexible Monthly Bundle SIM (PAYM)

Enjoy our Best Value offers, coupled with superior service, exclusive benefits, and The UK's Best Network Coverage

Choose a fully flexible monthly allowance of minutes, texts & internet with capped usage eliminating any worry of bill shock & all with absolutely no long term commitment.
Best Mobile Phone Coverage

Pay Per Minute SIM (PAYG)

Simple, no fuss, no commitment, pay as you go service with great rates that reward you just for topping up.

Enjoy the UK's Best Mobile Coverage with rates from as little as 5p per minute, 5p per text and 5p per megabyte.

Best Mobile Signal


An almost unheard of way to make cheaper calls, even on pay as you go, without having to change your provider.

Enjoy exclusive Pebble rates, even if your phone is locked to another network, with no need to change your SIM card.

UK's Best Mobile Coverage

  • Best Mobile Coverage

    Pebble Mobile is unique among UK networks in offering national roaming to our customers as standard. This technology enables Pebble to guarantee that our customers will enjoy a better mobile signal with network coverage in more places than they would with o2, Vodafone, EE or Three.
  • Free Premier UK Based Customer Service

    We all know how frustrating it is having to call customer service in the first place, without being charged extra for the inconvenience. That's why we guarantee to answer calls 24 hours a day in under ten minutes - or we'll give you a months free service.
  • Inclusive international calls

    Why are some networks still charging £1 or more per minute for an international call? These sort of charges may have been justifiable twenty years ago, but no longer - at least for the large majority of the world. That's why Pebble Mobile offer inclusive calls - or calls at no more than your standard rate, to over 60 select international destinations.
  • Free International Roaming in 35 Countries

    Some networks are finally starting to offer reduced roaming charges in certain countries. We don't think that's going far enough. Pebble Mobile is the first UK mobile network to abolish roaming charges throughout the whole of the EU.
  • Fair Pricing

    Pebble is the only mobile network to include calls to service numbers (those beginning 08) within your monthly allowances, or at no more than your standard rate. Some other networks charge over 50p per minute to call such numbers.
  • Great Rates on Pay As You Go

    Our new Great Rates on Pay As You Go reward you every time you topup by offering you a lower rate. Pay as you go with Pebble and start enjoying the UK's best mobile coverage from 5p per min, 5p per txt and 5p per mb!