Q: How does Pebble work and what sort of network is it?

A: Pebble is a UK Network Operator operating our very own underlying network, routing, switching and we terminate calls & text messages via our own dedicated telecom servers & interconnect agreements. Obviously, however, Pebble does not own & operate it's own radio access network, "masts", and for this we work with an enabler to negotiate and maintain connections between our network and the "masts" which are owned by the major mobile networks or independent infrastructure companies. It is through these unique national & international roaming agreements with each of the major UK & EU networks that Pebble is able to guarantee the UK's best mobile network signal and offer coverage to more of the UK than any other UK network! We also work with a number of other companies who provide various services to Pebble that assist in areas such as enabling mobile number portability between Pebble and other UK networks. Pebble is an independent UK company operating as independent a network as is possible without physically building our own "masts". Pebble is far from being just another airtime-reselling MVNO.

Q: Will people be charged extra to call or text my Pebble Mobile number?
A: No. We issue standard UK mobile numbers, which can be called using inclusive minutes from any other UK network. Calls to a Pebble Mobile are charged at the same rate as calls to any other network.

Q: Can I bring my old mobile number to Pebble?
A: Yes. Simply contact your current network to obtain your PAC code and then submit your transfer request via our "Keep Your Number" page.

Q: How can I check my remaining balance or allowances?

A: Simply send a text message with the word BALANCE to 555 from your Pebble Mobile - we'll text you back almost instantly with your current balance/remaining allowance.

Q: How do I retrieve my voicemail?

A: The Pebble Mobile Answerphone can be reached by calling 123 from your Pebble Mobile. It's free!

Q: My voicemail is asking for a PIN - what is this?

A: Your voicemail is protected by a four digit number (PIN) for extra security. You'll be asked for this each time you call in to voicemail. It would have been included with your SIM card. If you've lost your PIN or cannot remember it, just get in touch with customer service and we'll reset it for you.

Q: My phone is displaying the name of another network - why is this? (Non-iPhone)

A: This isn't anything to worry about. This is part of Pebble's unique national roaming service. In order to provide you with the best signal in the UK, we allow you to roam onto any available network. In the UK & EU, you will not be charged any additional roaming charges.

Q: My phone is displaying the name of another network - why is this? (iPhone)

A: Depending on your iOS version and configuration it is not unusual for the iPhone to display "o2-UK" whilst connected to the Pebble network as this is Pebble's preferred network partner, or "home network". If your iPhone is displaying the name of any other network, you are roaming either nationally or internationally.

Q: Something isn't working - what should I do first?

A: We've all heard it a hundred times, it even sometimes seems ridiculous, yet often surprises; before doing anything else, "Have you tried turning it off, and then on again?". This solves about 90% of problems.

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