Keep Your Number

It's your number

Switching to Pebble is easy and of course you can bring your number with you from your old provider. After all, you've probably had the same mobile number for years - you wouldn't want the hassle of changing it now. We make bringing your number to Pebble a quick and simple affair.

How to transfer your number

In order to move your number, you need to obtain a PAC code from your old provider. Just give them a call and tell them that you wish to move your number to Pebble and you need your PAC code. They'll then provide you with your PAC code either over the phone, by text message or both - usually within a few hours. Once you have your PAC code, you can fill in the form below to request that your number be moved to Pebble. It can take a couple of days to arrange the transfer with your old provider, especially over a weekend, but we'll keep in touch by email and text message to let you know when the transfer will happen.

Number Transfer Request Form
If you're ready to move you number to Pebble simply complete the form below, and submit your transfer request.

 Your PAC Code
 Mobile Number You'd Like To Keep
 Temporary Pebble Mobile Number
 Pebble SIM Card Number