Weekly Auto Topup

Great Choice
All that's left to do now is choose how much you'd like to topup each week

With Auto-Topup you need never worry about forgetting to topup again, simply choose how often you'd like to topup, by how much, and we'll take care of the rest.

You'll benefit from our Great Rates reward just as you would with a regular one-off topup & as an extra bonus for using auto-topup, you'll receive 10% extra free credit.

Auto-Topup: Payment is collected automatically by direct debit for the amount you select and at the frequency you have chosen. You'll see "Pebble Network" on your bank statement. You'll be taken to our payment processor "Go Cardless" to set up your direct debit. You can cancel your auto-topup arrangement at any time by contacting us and giving us not less than 14 days notice.

General information
*The rates you pay are based upon the largest single denomination of topup you have purchased in the preceding 30 days. A £30 or larger topup will give you access to our cheapest rates of 5p/min, 5p/txt & 5p/mb data for 30 days. A £20 topup will give you access to reduced rates of 10p/min, 10p/txt & 10p/mb data for 30 days. A £10 topup will give you access to rates of 15p/min, 15p/txt & 15p/mb for 30 days. If you have not topped up in the preceeding 30 days, you'll pay our standard rates, 25p/min, 15p/txt, 25p/mb. Prepaid credit never expires, as long as you maintain an active service & keep your account in good standing, your credit will "rollover" indefinitely. Minimum topup requirement applies. 'Great New Rates' apply automatically to Pay As You Go customers who have joined Pebble since 20th May 2016. Customer's who joined pay as you go on Pebble before 20th May 2016 will be automatically migrated to our 'Great New Rates' when they have a £0.00 account balance or by submitting their migration request to billing@pebble.network. Older price plan information available on request.

Full terms & conditions apply.